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In this 5-part video series, you'll learn:

Video 1

What Is Reading Fluency and Why Is It So Important

If you have students who painfully labor through text, they most likely also struggle with reading comprehension. In fact, reading fluency is often referred to as the bridge to reading comprehension. Once you understand what the research says about improving reading fluency, you'll realize that you have the power to bridge this gap!

Video 2

How to Explicitly Teach Text Phrasing

Reading fluency is not just about speed or reading in one-minute bursts. Phrasing, a component of prosody, is one of the most challenging aspects of fluency to improve–Until now! You'll learn the exact steps of teaching text phrasing. This unit comes with differentiated lesson plans, student printables, and a center activity for high-frequency phrases.

Video 3

How to Improve Reading Expression

Expressionless reading (AKA Robot Reading) is a red flag that your students are not comprehending what they read! We will take a deep dive into fun and engaging ways to improve expression. You'll also be given access to detailed lesson plans and student materials!

Video 4

The Power of Choral Reading

Motivate and engage even your most reluctant students with choral reading! This strategy is one of the most effective ways to improve word recognition, prosody, and self-confidence. You'll learn TEN different types of choral reading (detailed lesson plans and over 50 leveled poems are included).

Video 5

The Most Essential Component–Repeated Reading

Systematic and prescriptive repeated reading is the cornerstone of developing decoding automaticity. You'll learn exactly how to scaffold and differentiate instruction using leveled texts to maximize student achievement.  

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Explicit Reading Fluency Instruction Is Essential to Any Reading Program.

You can plan the perfect Guided Reading and Close Reading lessons, but if your students struggle with reading fluency, your efforts will be minimally effective. We can't expect students to interact with text in deep and meaningful ways if they are exerting most of their mental energy on decoding.

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  • you are committed to helping your struggling readers by using research-based strategies that are EASY to implement.
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A Personal Invitation from Melissa...

Reading fluency has been a professional passion of mine for years.

As a reading specialist, I witnessed a strong correlation between reading fluency and reading comprehension. Many of my students labored through texts and thus were unable to understand what they read. I struggled to find a comprehensive program that allowed me to laser in on the various needs of my students. After years of research and trial and error, I can't wait to share with you what really works in the instructional world of reading fluency.

The research is clear—readers who struggle with fluency need targeted interventions. In this video series, you'll learn exactly what to do to help your students!

See you there!

—Melissa Tallman, M.S.Ed.

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